On 8/8/18 and 8/9/18, two subjects were arrested for a jewelry store robbery that occurred on July 24, 2018. According to the San Leandro police, Steven Glenn, 35, and Randy Hawkins, 41, both confessed to the robbery of a jewelry store. On July 24, at approximately 6:30 p.m., the two men entered a jewelry store and inquired about expensive jewelry. The men then left the store briefly but returned. One of the subjects remained outside while the other subject entered the store and began smashing glass display cases. After the subjects left the store, they were confronted by a mall security officer. The officer sustained injuries after one of the subjects threw the hammer at him. The subjects then went into a parking lot and fled in a car. Ultimately, police shared surveillance footage of the robbers with other law enforcement agencies. San Leandro police received a tip with information regarding their identities.

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