Roaming Distraction Team

September 12, 2017 - Aspen, CO

On the date listed above, this suspect and her accomplices featured below, committed a theft. The loss was valued at $118,000.

The two young women entered the store and distracted the sales associate, while an older couple surreptitiously stole two sets of earrings.

A sales associate observed the male suspect steal a bracelet and accused him. The sales associate grabbed the bracelet back from the suspect, however, the suspect had already concealed diamond earrings.

The couple then demanded to know why they were being accused and then left the store.

They committed another theft recently in Santa Barbara, CA. These suspects have also traveled to and cased jewelry stores in Santa Rosa, CA.

If you have any information regarding these suspects, please call the Jewelers Security Alliance at (212) 687-0328.


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