On 10/23/17, at approximately 8:31 p.m., two suspects entered a jewelry store. The first suspect brandished a silver semi-automatic handgun with black grips. He pointed the weapon at two sales associates and demanded they turn around and place their hands against the wall. Shortly after that, the second suspect entered. The first suspect told the associates they were not going to hurt them. He went on to say, they were a couple of guys down on their luck and this would be over quickly. At that point, the second suspect began smashing diamond cases with a sledge hammer. Both suspects placed merchandise into backpacks. The second suspect yelled at associates and said “These aren’t the solitaires, where are the solitaires?” The associate then pointed to where the solitaires were. The suspects then fled from the store. They were described as two white males. The first suspect wore black cargo pants, black boots and a black jacket with a gray hoodie under it. He also wore a ski mask under a hoodie. He is believed to be a white male in his early 20’s. The second suspect was wearing faded gray jeans and a black jacket with a hood over his head. He is also a white male in his early 20’s. The robbery lasted 1 minute and 40 seconds. If you have any information regarding these suspects’ identities, please call the Burlington North Carolina Police Department at 336-693-8202.

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