On 12/8/17, at approximately 8:55 p.m., three suspects took part in a robbery. Suspect #1 and Suspect #2 went to the closest display case which contained diamond pendants, diamond rings and diamond bracelets. They then proceeded to smash the cases with a sledgehammer and a crowbar. As this occurred, suspect #3 placed a sheet on the ground. The merchandise was placed on the sheet. The suspects then fled from the store. The first suspect is a white male. He was last seen wearing a white hat, a black hoodie and blue and white pants. The second suspect is also a white male. He was last seen wearing a black ski mask, black jacket and black gloves. The third suspect is a Black male. He was last seen wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt and black pants. If you have any information regarding the identities of these suspects, please call the Columbus Police Department at 614-645-2229.

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