On 7/4/22, at approximately 4:15 p.m., a retail jewelry store was the victim of a smash and grab robbery. Five Black adult males entered the store with hammers and immediately began smashing the gold showcase. Two subjects were observed removing gold chains and bracelets from the case. Three other males targeted the diamond bridal showcase and removed numerous diamond rings, certified bridal, and earrings from the showcase. The subjects exited the store in under 2 minutes with the various merchandise. The following descriptions were provided:

Subject 1: hooded mask, long sleeve black hoodie, white t-shirt, dark pants, white socks with flip flops, and carrying a blue pillowcase.

Subject 2: dark long sleeve hoodie, gloves, mask, grey pants with white and black tennis shoes, carrying a backpack.

Subject 3: grey short sleeve shirt, grey sweat pants, and white tennis shoes.

Subject 4: black ball cap, mask, short sleeve black shirt, orange shorts and multi-color Nike tennis shoes.

Subject 5: white long sleeve hoodie, mask, denim jeans, and black tennis shoes.

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