On 2/28/20, at approximately 1:38 p.m., three subjects exited a white van outside of a retail jewelry store. After the subjects entered the store, they asked for diamond rings. The sales associate pointed to the display case. The third subject used a hammer with a red handle to break the glass. The second subject assisted the third subject by breaking the display case and removing jewelry. The first subject held the front door open. He also held a pillowcase. The third subject then went to hold the door, while the first subject removed cash from the cash register. The three subjects then exited the store.

The subjects were described as three Black males in their late teens to early twenties. The first subject wore a black warm-up suit with stripes on the sleeves and pants. He also wore a do-rag and black tennis shoes. The second subject was last seen wearing a jacket with a white “furry” collar. He also wore a hoodie underneath with Army print which also had a light-colored leaf or boot footprint.

The third subject was last seen wearing a grey jacket with a hoodie and camouflage styled pants. If you have any information regarding these subjects, please call the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at 212-687-0328.

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