A male subject went into a retail store with a large yellow gold and diamond anniversary ring he said he got for his wife, but she didn’t like it so he wanted to find something different. He looked around the store for a few minutes before he finally settled on a LeVian ring he wanted to get for her.

As they were walking from the showcase to the register to ring him up, he stopped at the yellow gold counter wanting to see some chains. The team member showed him a bracelet. As he was looking at the first bracelet, he wanted to see a different one so he could compare them side by side. When he had both bracelets in hand he said “let me get this smaller bracelet and that gold chain necklace to match it.” While they were looking at these chains he was asking multiple questions such as “can you solder this bracelet to this chain to make it longer?” As well as a number of random general questions.

The subject and team member went to the front counter to ring him up and complete the purchase. It was at this time he said, “hold on let me go grab something from my car” and never came back. When the subject never returned, the team member went to return the unpurchased merchandise and realized the bracelet was missing and what had happened.

When they discovered the missing chain, they called the police to make a report. While the third key holder was on the phone with the store manager, he noticed the person in question pull back into the parking lot. He did not come back inside, instead when he saw the store’s third key holder on the phone and looking at his car, he pulled away. They were able to get his license plate number from the short time he returned to the parking lot. The car was a red BMW North Carolina plates. The subject was described as a 5’9″, Black male. He was last seen wearing a white ball cap. He is approximately 200 lbs. If you have any information regarding this subject, please contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at or 212-687-0328.

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