On 4/3/2024, a subject approached a kiosk and asked to look at several items from rings to earrings. He eventually made his way over to diamond chains and asked to see several different pieces, trying them on and then returning them to the team member. During this exchange, the team member was attempting to help another guest at the same time and get a credit application approved for the subject. After about 30-40 minutes shopping around the store, the subject selected a diamond fashion chain and tried it on. The team member appears to have become distracted by another guest and failed to retrieve the chain from the subject. He eventually walked away with the chain on his neck. The chain was discovered missing the following morning during counts. Mall security provided video confirming the incident. Name, address and phone number was obtained on the guest and he was contacted by Loss Prevention.

Subject Description: White male, 22 years old, light brown hair in a crew cut. 5’10” and 200lbs ( name, address and phone number given to police).

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