Son Stole Business Data from Mother’s Jewelry Store

The Villages, FL – April 29, 2018 – 34-year-old Blake Gallaher has been charged with stealing sensitive information from a jewelry store operated by his mother.

He is facing charges of unlawful computer access, felonious offense against intellectual property, grand theft and burglary in connection to a theft of a jewelry store’s computer.

Gallaher used to work for his mother’s jewelry store as a salesperson. He left the business last year and began to operate another jewelry store. Before departing his mother’s business, Gallaher demanded that she sign over her stock in the jewelry store. She would not.

After he was fired, Gallaher entered the store on November 20, 2017 and removed a server that contained all of the store’s business transaction data and customer data.

Authorities also have proof that Gallaher was remotely accessing the computer system of his former employer. A detective tracked “illicit activity” through Comcast back to an IP address at Gallaher’s residence.

Moreover, the detective interviewed two customers who said they were contacted by Gallaher by email about his new jewelry business on February 9, 2018. Those customers believe their information was obtained through Gallaher’s former employer’s database.

Gallaher was arrested in February by Marion County Sheriff’s deputies. He is currently free on $11,000 bond and has pleaded not guilty.

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