On 11/13/20, at approximately 2:15 p.m., a male subject entered a jewelry store and asked to see gold chains. He was shown chains by the sales associate and he had the chain in question in his possession. A second male subject then entered the store. That subject attempted to disguise himself by wearing a wig with long hair, black tights and very short shorts.

The second male approached the first male and pretended to strike him. The first male pretended to be hurt. The second subject then grabbed the gold chain from the first subject, who was holding it. The second subject turned to escape. He threatened sales associates if they did not unlock the door to let him out. He was not seen after that. The first subject remained in the store and claimed that he was injured. He requested an ambulance. He was transported to the hospital and he was followed by a detective. He is believed to be an accomplice. Due to the threat to the sales associate, this crime was classified as a robbery.

Both subjects are Black males. The first subject is 5’9″ and weighs 200 lbs. He has a thick accent, short hair, ad he was last seen wearing light colored jeans and a dark shirt. The second subject is 6’1″ and has a thick build. He was last seen wearing a women’s wig, a white shirt, black tights and very short shorts. If you have any information regarding these subjects please email the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at .

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