Subjects Wanted for Attempted Distraction Theft

May 5, 2018 - Clinton, CT

The Clinton Police Department is investigating an attempted theft of a $10,000 ring from a retail jewelry store on 05/05/18. At approximately 5:55 p.m., two black males entered the store. The older male was heavy set wearing a jacket, glasses and Kangol hat. He was accompanied by a younger and thinner black male wearing a white hat and shirt. The older male asked to see a ring behind the counter and distracted the employee while the younger male reached into the display case via the open rear hatch and attempted to steal the ring.

The male after successfully retrieving the ring from the case attempted to conceal the ring under his jacket he had draped over his arm. The employee caught the male and demanded the ring back. The male gave the ring back and both suspects left the store. Anyone with similar type incidents or further information please contact Officer Matakaetis of the Clinton Police Department 860-669-0451. CPD case #18-5904.



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