After burglarizing a closed jewelry store on 3/30/20, 37-year-old Chase Mociun gave some the jewelry to another man, who pawned some of the items. During the course of the police investigation, the unnamed man admitted to selling jewelry to a pawnshop in Kahului, HI. He received approximately $980 for the jewelry. After searching the pawnshop the next day, police recovered 10 pieces of jewelry valued at $34,000. The pawnshop employee failed to record the receipt of the stolen jewelry and didn’t fully document the payment for them. The 31-year-old male was arrested on 4/8/20 and he was later released.

On 4/13/20, Mociun had an initial appearance in Wailuki District Court. Mociun’s public defender, William Pannell, asked for his client to be released on supervision. Pannell stated; “This is the first time he’s been accused or charged with any crimes similar to this.” The judge set Mociun’s bail at $50,000. Mociun was ordered to stay away from the jewelry store, the pawnshop, the employee of the pawnshop and the man who pawned the jewelry.

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