On 10/30/21, 38-year-old Marcus Conaway and 42-year-old Frederick Robinson raised concerns when they drove through a department store’s parking lot with their car’s license plate concealed by a grocery bag. After the subjects entered the department store, they approached a jewelry counter and attempted to break the glass display and open its locked doors.

According to police, a clerk came to that area to assist the suspects, who had inquired about two sets of wedding bands. Robinson proceeded to snatch the rings from the clerk’s hands and then quickly walked to the exit. When Robinson was confronted by store employees, he brandished a machete. At that point, the employees backed away which allowed the suspects to exit the store. Officers outside the store were already investigating the suspects’ vehicle in the parking lot. The suspects were then arrested shortly after exiting the store. Robinson was charged with robbery and grand larceny and Conway was charged with conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

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