On 3/14/2024, at approximately 2:15 p.m., a jewelry kiosk experienced a merchandise theft .  Upon the male subject’s initial approach to the kiosk at approximately 1:45 p.m., he was accompanied with a female and children, and asked to view various rings.  After the male subject applied and was declined for the company credit card and insurance, he and his companions departed. 

Upon their return at approximately 2:15pm, the male subject asked to view one of the rings he previously viewed while the female companion applied for the company credit card.  Soon after the male subject, who was in possession of the ring, walked around the kiosk, he departed along with the children.  When the team member informed the female companion that the male had left with the ring, she immediately departed.  No reported injuries.  Victorville Sheriff’s Department was notified, and an investigation was initiated.

Suspect(s) Description:

Suspect – Hispanic male (light complected), approximately 24 yrs. old, 5’7”, 170 lbs., medium/shoulder length black hair, with patchy facial hair.  He was last seen wearing a plain navy-blue shirt with light grey sweatpants.  He was accompanied with two kids in a stroller and another minor child, who was approximately 13 years old.

Female companion – Hispanic female (lighter complected), approx. 24 yrs. 0ld, 5’3”, 175 lbs., long black hair with brown streaks going all the way down.  She had a “Q with a heart” tattoo on her left thumb.  She was last seen wearing plain black shirt, brown jacket, and skinny jeans.

 If you have any information regarding these subjects, please contact the Jewelers Security Alliance at or 212-687-0328.

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