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Thompson Lehman Security & Protection LLC

Thompson Lehman is an industry leader in upper level security.  We provide high-value asset protection, armed courier services and escorts for jewelry brokers, dealers and trunks.  We also provide security staffing and risk management for trade shows and events as well as secured door-to-door delivery, vaulting services and block insurance.  Staffed by ex-military and police, we are a low-profile, non-uniformed company, providing services in business and/or business casual attire.  Thompson Lehman gives first class security service that will fit any client’s need and budget.

Contact:  Maurice T. Lehman, President/Owner
Email: maurice.lehman@thompsonlehman.com
Cell: 785-764-0295
Website: https://www.thompsonlehman.com

Contact:  Michael Hill, Executive Officer, Houston Regional Manager
Email: Michael.Hill@thompsonlehman.com
Cell:  281-979-7351

Contact:  Mark Dornbusch, Austin and San Antonio Regional Manager
Email:  Mark.Dornbusch@thompsonlehman.com
Cell:  512-731-8718

Contact:  Dwight Bryan, Contracting Officer
Email: Dwight.Bryan@thompsonlehman.com
Cell:  830-743-0361

DFW/Houston Home Office:

2437 Cattle Drive
Crowley TX 76036