Transient Sneak Thief

June 20, 2017 - Rye, NY

On the date listed above, this suspect inquired about heavy-weight gold necklaces.

He expressed interest in purchasing three pieces valued at $15,650. He stated he was going to be a Godfather at a wedding and that he needed gifts for the attendees of the wedding party, as is the custom in his culture.

The suspect spoke with a foreign accent. He requested a brown paper bag and said he wanted to purchase a jewelry box to present to the bride and groom at the bridal party.

The suspect was provided with a small brown paper shopping bag as well as draw-string pouches. As the sale was being processed, the suspect put his hands in and out of the pouches and brown paper bag – which contained jewelry. At that point, the suspect concealed heavy-weight gold items and stuffed them into his pocket.

When the final price was announced, he said he had to leave to get more cash and a jewelry box. The suspect left the brown paper bag and a $100 deposit with the store. He asked them to staple the bag closed. He promised to return to the store to complete the sale, but never did.

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