According to the Henderson Police Department 38-year-old Brian Kleynen was arrested on 4/19/16 in connection to a double homicide. Investigators believe Kleynen staged his own kidnapping in order to rob a jewelry store. After midnight on April 12, police responded to a car and fire crash. Two men in the vehicle had been shot and killed. Investigators believe the victim received threatening calls and texts from Kleynen on April 11. Kleynen, 36-year-old Lanard Wilson and 27-year-old Selvy Auston met the victim and demanded he get in the car. Initially the victim refused but saw his former employee zip tied in the backseat of the car. The victim was intimidated into accessing the jewelry store where he worked. The victim then stated he could not access the store without his keys. The driver then drove to the victims home so he could get the keys. Once the victim was back in the car, he managed to remove a concealed weapon and then shot and killed both the driver and the front passenger. According to police, Kleynan admitted to planning and staging his own kidnapping in order to rob a jewelry store where the victim works. Investigators determined the victim acted in self-defense and said he will not be charged.

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