UPS Warehouse Supervisor Arrested for Jewelry Thefts

Riviera Beach, FL – On September 21, 2017, a UPS supervisor was arrested for stealing packages containing jewelry from the warehouse where he worked.

Last week, a security director at the warehouse suspected Neil Snoep, 41; a night supervisor, was responsible for a pattern of thefts.

The security director contacted law enforcement. He told them about thefts of jewelry sent from local stores that were to be repaired at other locations.

On September 19, 2017, the security director set up his own operation to catch Snoep in the act. The director used a counterfeit box to look like the boxes used to ship jewelry. He observed Snoep take the box from his work area and bring it into an office.

Snoep was observed opening the package. The director confronted Snoep and Snoep could not explain why he opened the package.

After an investigation, police discovered that Snoep had pawned jewelry 23 times during his four year employment at UPS.

Snoep has been charged with grand theft and fraud.



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