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Video: Burglar Wore Donald Trump Mask While Ransacking Jewelry Store

Queensland, Australia – On May 5, 2019, at approximately 5:30 a.m., a burglar wearing a Donald Trump mask broke into a jewelry store.

The subject smashed the glass door and proceeded to steal watches and jewelry from the store before he fled. He was last seen wearing a black Nike jumper, black track pants, and white Nike shoes. He also carried several Uber Eats bags. If you have any information regarding this subject, please call the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at 212-687-0328.

Man robs a jewelry store in Australia wearing a Donald Trump mask.

A man wearing a Donald Trump mask broke into a shopping centre in the early hours of Sunday morning to steal jewelry.http://bit.ly/2V3R8tM

Publicado por Circa en Domingo, 5 de mayo de 2019