Wanted Sneak Thief

September 18, 2019 - Long Beach, NY

On the date listed above, at approximately 12:04 p.m., the male subject in the featured image entered a jewelry store under the guise of having his watch repaired and to buy a gift for his wife.

The subject spent approximately 20 minutes in the store looking at various items after settling on a pendant for his wife. He asked the jeweler to polish the piece while he went to the bank next door to get cash. The jeweler went in the back to polish the piece and the subject stole a plastic bag containing about 30¬ gold chains valued at approximately $3,000.00 and then left the store.

The owner of the jewelry store stated that he has seen this subject in the store in the past and is¬ not sure if he has taken anything from the store in the past. The jewelry store owner stated that the subject has a very¬ happy, loud spoken,¬ character.

If you have any information regarding this subject, please call Det. Marra at 516-705-7326


Long Beach Subject¬ Long Beach Subject 2

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