Wholesale jewelers orchestrated home invasion at former ‘friends’ residence

December 21, 2020 - Bowling Green, KY

On the date listed above, 69-year old Jeffrey Weisman (featured); a wholesale jeweler and his wife Patricia Weisman, were charged with complicity to commit first-degree robbery, complicity to kidnapping and complicity to second-degree assault and theft by unlawful taking.

Patricia Weisman owned a jewelry antique business and Barbara’s Tea Room which she claimed was “dedicated to my dear late friend Barbara Burch, who had the original idea for this parlor.”

The Weisman’s knew Barbara Burch; they had knowledge of a safe in the Burch home and were familiar with the home’s security features.

On July 13, 2020, shortly after 10:30 a.m., three men disguised themselves as delivery drivers and knocked on the door of a residence/home office. After an employee answered the door, one of the subject’s brandished a gun. The subject(s) knocked the employee to the ground and tied them up. As a result, the employee suffered a broken nose.

Javier Nunez and Nicolas Cruz Palacios, both 41, were charged with similar offenses to those the Weisman’s were charged with. The men were accused of stealing a safe that contained $1 million in antique jewelry. They were accompanied by a third unidentified individual.

One of the subject’s spray painted an exterior camera. Another wore a portable WIFI jammer during the crime which caused glitches to some of the security cameras. Nunez stated that he was approached by a man named Jeff, who said he owned the safe.


Jeffery M. Weisman

Jeffery M. Weisman, 69


Javier Nunez, 41

Javier Nunez, 41


Nicolas Cruz Palacios, 41

Nicolas Cruz Palacios, 41

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