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Tokyo Police Arrest 7 Members from Pink Panda Theft Ring

Tokyo, Japan – On January 20, 2018, Yang Kuaikai, 37, and two other Chinese nationals stole a diamond ring valued at 2.8 million yen ($23,000) USD. The subjects stole the ring from a dealer at the International Jewelry Tokyo show.

Over the course of the jewelry show, Tokyo police arrested seven Chinese nationals that are members of the Pink Panda gang.

The group are also being investigated for the theft of a necklace valued at 14.5 million yen ($133,400 USD)

The subjects requested that an employee show them the ring. While the employee was distracted by a request to see another ring, the subjects stole the diamond ring. The group were caught after a review of surveillance footage.

The Pink Panda gang has targeted valuable jewelry in Japan and Europe by distracting jewelers and employees

Yang Kuaikai

Yang Kuaikai; Member of Pink Panda Gang