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Violent Gunpoint Robbery

On August 3, 2019, a 211 PC Robbery at Gunpoint occurred at a jewelry store in Santa Barbara, CA. The jewelry store has a secure entry/exit door that required customers to be buzzed in by an employee. One suspect, pictured, was allowed entry into the store as he was posing as a customer. This customer/suspect purchased a $200 ring with $20 bills. Throughout his time in the store, he was using his cell phone to presumably communicate with his partners.

A dark grey or matte black Nissan sedan (likely an Altima or Maxima), double-parked to the front of the store and three masked males exited. Our customer/suspect opened the otherwise secure entry door to allow the takeover. Only one male displayed a handgun, (semi-automatic pistol), while the remaining two tied the owner, employees, and an unsuspecting customer with zip ties and duct tape.

Approximately $262,100 in jewelry was taken and $15,000 in cash. The $200 in cash provided by the initial suspect/customer was taken during the robbery and so did not allow for further forensic analysis. Gloves were worn by the masked suspects, however, gloves were not used by the initial suspect/customer.

A nearby witness stated the Nissan sedan had what he described as new dealer paper plates that were reversed to show only the blank white copy.

I am looking for similar incidents and potential suspect information. Thank you.

April Beltran




Suspect images are below.




Gunman; at the store the previous day



Gunman; at the store the previous day

Wanted Distraction Thief

The pictured female suspect entered a small jewelry retailer in Santa Barbara, CA and distracted the sole employee while she stole various items in excess of $6,000. The female suspect was in the store for approximately 30 minutes. No other suspects were seen. Based on the keys handled by the suspect, it appears she was in possession of a rental vehicle, however, no vehicle was seen. The items stolen included two vintage squash blossom necklaces and several sterling silver (vintage) bangle bracelets. Please advise if you have similar cases or have a potential identification of the suspect. Contact Det. Beltran from the Santa Barbara Police Department at (805) 897-2327. Thank you.

SBPD 19-41428.

Additional images of the featured subject.

Wanted Subject Wanted Suspect