Burglars break through drywall before stealing from Santee Alley Jewelry store

Image of burglar stealing jewelry.

Santee Alley, Los Angeles, CA – March 22, 2024 – Security camera footage captured the moments after a pair of burglars broke through drywall to steal from a small Santee Alley jewelry store.

“Honestly, I was shocked, you know, because I never expected this to happen to me,” owner Jair Guzman said. 

The burglars ransacked a shop adjacent to Guzman’s before breaking down the drywall and grabbing everything they could. The rumbling caused the security camera to send an alert to Guzman who triggered the store’s alarm from home.

The loud sirens sent the thieves squirming out of the shop with all of the jewelry they could stuff into their pockets. 

“This is where I eat. This is where I feed my family from. Anything that I lose, anything that gets stolen I have to put it back,” Guzman said. “It’s a loss.”

Guzman said that while he is very proud of what he sells, much of his merchandise is not worth much. He’s surprised that someone went through the lengths they did to break in.

Click here to view video of the crime and the unmodified version of the article written by Matthew Rodriguez.

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