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Crime News

Lev Leviev’s Bookkeeper mysteriously dies

Ramat Gan, Israel - On November 11, 2018, Mazal Hadadi, a bookkeeper for one of Lev Leviev's companies allegedly jumped to her death from the tenth floor of a bathroom window in Leviev's office building.

10 Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Store Safe During the Holidays

New York, NY - On November 5, 2018, the Jewelers' Security Alliance issued the "10 Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Store Safe During the Holidays."

Shots fired during smash & grab robbery

Dallas, TX -  On November 9, 2018, at approximately 2:20 p.m., four subjects attempted to commit a smash and grab robbery of a jewelry store. 

Video: Nine Distraction Thieves Steal From Safe

Aurora, CO - On October 24, 2018, at approximately 5:23 p.m., nine subjects entered a jewelry store and stole $35,000 in jewelry from the store's safe.

How A Minor-League Baseball Player Became A Robbery Crew’s Ringleader

Los Angeles, CA - On October 31, 2018, Amy Wallace of GQ Magazine published an article recounting how law enforcement dismantled a notorious robbery crew. Darrel Dent, 41, was among the top high school baseball prospects in the nation, learn how his nefarious actions contributed to his own demise.

82-year-old woman knocked down during robbery

Melbourne, Australia - On October 17, 2018, at approximately 2:30 p.m., a man wearing a vest jumped over a jewelry store's counter and smashed the display cabinet. He escaped with more than $100,000 in jewelry.

Four Members of International Burglary Team Arrested!

Manhattan, NY - On October 24, 2018, leadership of the United States Attorney's Office of the Southern District of New York, the New York Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the New York City Police Department (NYPD), announced that four individuals were charged for their involvement in a series of sophisticated burglaries that spanned both sides of the Atlantic.

Thieves Arrested After Stealing $81,000 Diamond

Dubai - On October 22, 2018, two subjects stole a diamond worth DH(300,000) approximately $81,673 USD from a jeweler in Dubai.

Thief steals $3,000 worth of jewelry

Tampa, FL - On October 20, 2018, at approximately noon, a subject used a tool to loosen the corners of a glass display case. He then reached inside the case and removed merchandise.

Video: Man arrested after selling fake chains to jewelers

Mt. Juliet, TN - On October 17, 2018 57-year-old Bennie Cooksey sold a thick gold chain to a jewelry store. The next day, he returned to the same store and attempted to sell more items. Watch the video within to see how he was arrested.