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Crime Suspects

Oleg Dopolyuk wanted for stealing jewelry from a thrift store

Have you seen this suspect?

Wanted Grab & Run Thief

He's wanted for a grab & run.

Subject wanted for smash & grab

He stole $32,000 worth of jewelry.

Wanted Distraction Thieves

He was involved in a theft of jewelry from a safe.

Jewelry Store Owner Killed In Robbery, Two Suspects Arrested

Police have arrested two men.

Distraction Thief Arrested by Las Vegas Police!

He committed several jewelry thefts in Las Vegas, NV in 2019 and 2021.

Grab & run thief strikes three times in one month

This subject has stolen bridal pieces in at least three grab & run thefts.

International diamond fugitive will be extradited after $2 billion banking fraud

He is accused of perpetrating a $2 billion fraud.

Fugitive apprehended after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry

He has committed numerous grab and run thefts.

Wholesale jewelers orchestrated home invasion at former ‘friends’ residence

A couple that worked in the jewelry industry stole jewelry from a former friend