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Crime Suspects

NYPD arrests burglar on jewelry store’s roof

The suspect's silhouette was captured from a night vision camera attached to a helicopter.

Subject wanted for jeweler’s murder

This subject is wanted for killing a jeweler.

Couple wanted for credit fraud & a distraction theft

This subject and her accomplice are wanted for credit fraud.

Professional Burglar Arrested After $7 Million Burglary

James Patrick Quinn, 55, was charged with committing a $7 million burglary.

Suspects Fire Numerous Shots in Robbery

Robbers fire multiple shots into the air.

Leader of Colombian robbery crew sentenced for murder of traveling salesman

Robert Paul Riveros was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his involvement in the robbery and homicide of a jewelry salesman near the DFW Airport.

Subject wanted for smash & grab robbery

This subject is wanted for a smash & grab.

Wanted: Multi-State Sneak Thief

He's wanted for sneak thefts in at least six states.

Man Charged in $200 million jewelry Ponzi Scheme

He ran a $200 million Ponzi scheme and promised returns of up to 75%.

Suspect wanted for $300,000 burglary

He's wanted for a burglary at a jewelry store.