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Crime Suspects

Second suspect arrested for attempted murder!

Five law enforcement agencies are assisting in this investigation.

Oklahoma City bomber’s son charged in robbery!

He's accused of robbing a jeweler at gunpoint.

COVID-19 Jewelry Industry Resources

Jewelry industry resources for COVID-19.

Five suspects arrested & one suspect shot after exchange of gunfire

Five suspects are in custody after a failed gunpoint robbery.

Beloved jeweler Mark Vuono murdered in store; suspects arrested

Mark Vuono, 69, was shot and killed during a robbery.

DNA from water bottle led to burglar’s arrest

He stole at least $3 million in jewelry.

Wanted sneak thief

She concealed a bracelet.

$1.5M in jewelry stolen from jeweler over Super Bowl weekend

Click within to learn why Xandi Garcia was arrested.

Sneak thief swiped nearly $28,000 in jewelry

He stole two bracelets.

Burglars arrested after cutting hole in roof!

His plan to burglarize a jewelry store was thwarted.