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Crime Suspects

Wanted robbery crew targets two jewelers

Robbers wanted for at least 5 robberies.

Wanted for Brazen Armed Robbery

This subject stole half of a jewelry store's inventory.

Wanted for Grab & Run

This subject stole diamonds.

Wanted for Pepper Spraying Employees

This subject committed a smash & grab.

Wanted Sneak Thief

This subject committed a sneak theft.

Wanted for Stealing Bracelet

This subject committed a grab and run theft.

Wanted Grab & Run Thief

This subject committed a grab & run.

$4 Million Diamond District Robber Arrested

Arrested for gunpoint robbery.

Group distraction theft from safe

This subject stole jewelry from a safe.

Wanted Distraction Thief

This subject distracted a clerk and then stole jewelry.