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Crime Suspects

Wanted for Theft

This subject and her accomplice are wanted for a theft.

High-end Jeweler Sentenced in $3.5 Million Fraud Scheme

This jeweler perpetrated a $3.5 million investment fraud scheme.

Wanted for Smash and Grab Robbery

On the date listed above, at approximately 10:24 a.m., the subject featured above and three of his accomplices perpetrated a smash and grab robbery. The male subject wearing the Nike shirt entered a retail jewelry store and inquired about engagement rings. After the sales associate greeted him the subject said ” oh you don’t need…

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7 Robbers Arrested After Smuggling into U.S.

These subjects were arrested for a gunpoint robbery.

Wanted for Grab and Run Theft

This couple is wanted for a grab and run theft.

Wanted for Sneak Theft

This subject is wanted for sneak theft.

Wanted for Attempted Burglary

This subject is wanted for attempted burglary.

Wanted for Gunpoint Robbery

This subject is wanted for a gunpoint robbery.

Wanted Duo on Robbery Rampage

This subject is wanted for numerous robberies.