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On 11/29/22, at approximately 3:00 p.m., a grab and run occurred at a retail jewelry store.  Two males entered a store and requested to see a gold chain and pendant combination.  As the team member removed both items and was assembling the combination to show the subjects, one of the subjects reached across the counter and grabbed the items from the team members’ hands, running from the location.  Subject 2 then quickly followed and ran out of the store as well. The subjects’ descriptions are below:

Subject 1: Black male, mid to late-20’s, approximately 5’10” – 6’, medium build, wearing a black mask, black hooded sweatshirt with yellow writing, camo print shorts, and black/white shoes.

Subject 2: Black male, lighter complexion, mid to late-20s, approximately 5’10”, thin build, wearing a grey beanie, grey hooded sweatshirt, blue shorts, and black shoes