The Jewelers Security Alliance Publishes Its 2023 Annual Crime Report

New York, NY – On April 23, 2024, the Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA) published its annual crime report. The executive summary is listed below. Click the bottom link to read the full report.


1. In 2023 the total dollar losses from crimes against U.S. jewelry firms reported to JSA was $133.2
million, a 2.9% increase from $129.4 million in 2022. 

2. In 2023 the total number of crimes committed against U.S. jewelry firms was 1,621, a decrease
from 2,211 in 2022, which was the highest number of crimes JSA has ever recorded. The number of
crimes in 2023 represented a 26.7% decrease from crimes reported to JSA in 2022. 

3. The crime category that experienced the greatest reduction in 2023 was Grab and Run thefts. The
number of Grab and Run thefts declined from 984 in 2022 to 663 in 2023. The reduction in the use
of face masks, which had become more prevalent as a result of Covid, has made it more difficult for
criminals to disguise themselves with masks. 

4. While the number of crimes requiring minimal skills by criminals and resulting in relatively small
losses declined in 2023, the increase in dollar losses can be attributed to highly professional
criminals and organized gangs carrying out high-dollar crimes resulting in large losses.

5. The number of off-premises crimes reported to JSA increased from 65 in 2022 to 100 in 2023.
Dollar losses from off-premises crimes reported to JSA in 2023 was $40.4 million, which
represented an increase of 112.6% from $19.0 million in losses reported in 2022.


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