Video: Transient Distraction Thieves Strike For 10th Time!

Paso Robles, CA – On March 20, 2018, at approximately 6:30 p.m., six individuals entered a jewelry store shortly before closing.

Several members of the group distracted employees, while the other members stole jewelry from the back of the store.

This group is believed to have committed at least 10 jewelry store thefts since June 2017. They carried out thefts in the following cities:

Glendale, CA on 6/14/17
Lancaster, PA on 10/14/17
Alexandria, VA on 10/20/17
Falls Church, VA on 11/3/17
Norman, OK on 11/24/17
El Cajon, CA on 2/28/18
Santa Barbara, CA on 3/9/18; and
Two thefts in Escondido, CA on 3/19/18.

In all of the thefts listed above, a subject crawls on the floor, goes to the back of the store and then steals merchandise from the store’s safe.

The subjects are possibly driving a white 2004 Toyota Sienna. California license plate# 7DLJ311.


Santa Barbara, CA 3/9/18



Escondido, CA – 3/19/18


Perpetrators 2

Paso Robles, CA – 3/20/18


Footage of an attempted theft on March 19, 2018 in Escondido, CA.

If you have any information regarding this group, please call the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at 212-687-0328.

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