Williamsburg, NY jewelry store theft caught on camera

jewelry thief

Brooklyn, NY- April 10, 2024 – Police are investigating a robbery that took place in Williamsburg in broad daylight.

According to the NYPD, the robbery took place last Wednesday at around 2 p.m. An unknown individual entered a jewelry store, stealing two gold chains worth over $12,000.

Security video shows the man holding the two chains. The man behind the counter turns away briefly, and the suspect immediately takes off with both chains. The owner of the store tells News 12 those chains were worth over $30,000 together.

“Itís not really surprising because a lot of things happen around here lately, but here itís crazy,” said one resident who lives in the area. “So Iím very surprised, a little surprised because this is a cool area. Itís over there that isnít very cool, but Iím not that surprised.” No arrests have been made.

Click here to view video of the incident. Article provided by News 12 Brooklyn Daniella Rodriguez and Adolpho Carrion. The article posted above has been redacted to remove the name of the jewelry store.

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