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Crime Suspects

Diamond Switch Thief

This suspect switched a real diamond for a fake one.

Smash and Grab Suspect

This suspect was involved in an attempted smash and grab.

Suspect Takes Two Rings

This suspect committed a grab and run.

Distraction Team – Arrested

This suspect is a member of a distraction team.

Transient Distraction Thief

This suspect committed a distraction theft.

Gunpoint Smash and Grab Suspect

On the date listed above, two suspects committed a gunpoint smash and grab robbery of a jewelry store in San Antonio, TX. Click here to learn more information about the incident.     

Grab and Run Thief

On January 14, 2017 at approximately 8:10 p.m., this suspect committed a grab and run theft.

Watch Thieves

This suspect committed a grab and run

Credit Fraud Suspect

This suspect made a fraudulent credit card purchase

Robber Wrestles Staff

This suspect committed a robbery.